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Putin a better leader than Obama: Trump

US presidential candidate Donald Trump told a TV forum that the Russian…

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MP’s property in Washington allegedly used for Trump presidential campaign

The Egyptian MP has issued contradictory statements regarding the news reports

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When Trump and Clinton talk about Germany two worlds collide

Thanks to Donald Trump, Germany plays an unusually pronounced role in the…

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Trump wants to partner with Al-Sisi, Abdullah of Jordan and Israel to fight IS

US presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Monday that he is willing…

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Will Republicans dump Trump at the convention?

Donald Trump is still the unofficial Republican presidential nominee. It's not official…

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Will Hindu gods help Trump become US president?

Trump's anti-Muslim comments have found resonance with many conservative US citizens, but…

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Opinion: Trump tests new low in attack on Clinton

Donald Trump attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelity marks a new…

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What a Trump win would mean for the environment

Trump has clinched yet another key victory and could become the next…

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UK Economist Intelligence Unit: Trump is a major global risk

Donald Trump's firebrand attitudes "would be a potent recruitment tool" for the…

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