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Health Ministry previews sector development plans amid concerns

This comes a few weeks after the Administrative Prosecution called on the…

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Court ratifies decision to increase compensation for doctors infected on duty

The government had earlier appealed the decision claiming lack of financial resources

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Press on trial: syndicate leaders vow storming headquarters will not pass unnoticed

Misdemeanour court postpones trial to 18 June while defence requests investigation files

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9 police officers referred to court over assaulting Matariya doctors

The Doctors Syndicate said the charges directed at the police officers include…

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Senior journalists defy assembly decisions on dispute with Interior Ministry

Press Syndicate board refuses to comment in fear of stirring more controversy

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Health ministry warns against providing free of charge medical treatment

The ministry described the syndicate initiated decision as a violation to the…

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Syndicate ‘surprised’ by unusual official response to Boulaq hospital dispute

The immediate, high-level response is the first of its kind, although worse…

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Historic doctors’ assembly sparks controversial decisions

Estimate of 10,000 doctors voted on free of charge medical healthcare in…

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Doctors Syndicate expects police investigations following general strike

Syndicate confronted with complaints during prosecution interrogation, says Mona Mina

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Police denies involvement in attack on Benha hospital

Benha hospital shuts down due to increasing attacks on doctors

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