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How to seek justice when exposed to sexual violence?

"A recent study on the economic cost of violence against women in…

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

“It is more than sexual violence. We are fighting gender-based war,” Egyptian women say

50,000 women were killed last year at hands of intimate partners, family…

Fatma Lotfi Fatma Lotfi

MSF helps 157 women in South Sudan after 'dramatic increase' in sexual violence

The sexual attacks and beatings in South Sudan over the last 12…

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Fear of sex: Misinformation and cultural ignorance lead to sexual violence

  “I am getting married in less than two weeks! Everything is…

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

‘I Saw Harassment’ encourages women to enjoy Eid celebrations outdoors

Rights group says it will confront sexual harassment and help women feel…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

EIPR reviews strategy to combat violence against women

Among main objections to strategy is its vague definition of sexual violence,…

Yousef Saba Yousef Saba

‘I Saw Harassment’ gets positive response from male citizens in awareness campaign

"We hope police are better trained and ready to help victims during…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Security forces ‘using sexual violence to crush, torture and humiliate’: FIDH

State-affiliated NCHR official confirms government’s “campaign of wide scale repression”

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Health ministry launches medical protocol for victims of gender-based violence

One in three women around the world has reported an experience of…

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The public health impact of domestic violence

By Dr Cesar Chelala Physical or sexual violence is a serious public…

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