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Nigeria’s ex-leader to meet Senegal opposition

By Rukmini Callimachi / AP DAKAR: Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is in Senegal to observe and help mediate a solution to this weekend’s contentious election, is meeting opposition candidates on Wednesday. The retired leader, who has helped mediate conflicts elsewhere in Africa, told reporters upon his arrival Tuesday that Senegal “is a very beautiful …


Africa’s imperiled democracy

By Alfred Stepan and Etienne Smith NEW YORK: The future of one of Africa’s oldest democracies is at stake in Senegal’s presidential election on February 26. The incumbent, Abdoulaye Wade, formerly a leading advocate for democracy, has, at almost 90 years old, become its gravedigger. Wade has been tinkering with Senegal’s constitution in dangerous ways ever …


Music icon Youssou Ndour shakes up Senegal presidential race

World-renowned singer Youssou Ndour stirred up the battle for Senegal’s presidency Tuesday by announcing he plans to take on veteran incumbent Abdoulaye Wade in February elections. Revered in his home country as a music icon, it remains to be seen whether Ndour can turn listeners into voters in a politically savvy country with well established …


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