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Morsi’s nephew sentenced to life for attacking fellow student

The nephew of former president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to life imprisonment…

Federico Manfredi Federico Manfredi

Workers strike in protest over colleagues’ detention

Security forces detained three workers on charges of inciting strike

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

Nine sentenced for two years in prison

Those sentenced include prominent Alexandrian activists accused of taking part in protest…

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

Khaled Said trial postponed until 4 December

Clashes outside court force session to be temporarily postponed; several activists arrested

Mostafa Salem Mostafa Salem

Khaled Said trial postponed amid clashes

10 arrested and injured after clashes between demonstrators and security forces

Mostafa Salem Mostafa Salem

Clashes erupt in governorates

Supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohamed Morsi continue to clash in…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Civil disobedience spreading

Government buildings closed in Port Said and Qaliubiya

Mohamad Nagi Mohamad Nagi