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While the world succeeds in battling poverty, Egypt fails

By Iris Boutros   Between 1990 and 2010, nearly 1 billion people…

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Egypt leads North Africa in achieving Millennium Development Goals

Despite leading in several key indicators, Egypt falls behind in terms of…

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Food insecurity on the rise

World Food Programme releases report on poverty and food insecurity in Egypt

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

World Bank invests $250m, creates 250,000 jobs in Egypt

The project targets those who are incapable of finding a job, and…

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Egypt hit with price hikes and rising inflation

Inflation rises 1.8% as Egyptians struggle to make ends meet

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Under-reported and underage: Early marriage in Egypt

Early marriage in Egypt is a prevalent problem, too often framed within…

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Kids are the root of all evil

They go barefoot, are always smudgy and have the pleading look down…

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British aid creating “poverty barons”

British aid making consultants millionaires

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An empty soapbox

I was all set to leap on my own soapbox. But as…

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Morsi raises government salaries

The government began implementation of the new budget decisions last Sunday, after…

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