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Education: The global antidote to poverty, disease and terrorism

By Dr Cesar Chelala Despite enormous technological advances, humanity continues to grapple…

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Over 50% of Egyptian youth are poor: CAPMAS

The statistics agency stated that 29%or approximately 5.8 million, of the country’s…

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EGP 600m allocated for slum development in budget: Ministry of Planning

European Union (EU) to provide € 1.5m for development in slum areas…

Abdel Qader Ramadan Abdel Qader Ramadan

Sudden energy subsidies cut will create lower-middle class outcry: Economist

Government increased petroleum product prices Saturday after cutting subsidies

Mohamed Ayyad Mohamed Ayyad

20,000 people in Syria’s Yarmuk camp face starvation

Yarmuk soon became a war zone too, as Syrians taking up arms…

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World Economic Forum warns of dangers in growing inequality

A chronic gap between rich and poor is yawning wider, posing the…

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26.3% of Egypt is poor: CAPMAS

Poverty increased by an annual 1.1%, while an Egyptian five-headed household needs…

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Half of Syria living in poverty: UN

"More than half the population now live in poverty, with 7.9 million…

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Educate girls to alleviate poverty

By Dr Cesar Chelala  Inequality and unequal access to education holds millions…

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