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Court lifts travel ban on 80 former officials accused of embezzlement

The defendants returned a total of EGP 178m in return for dropping…

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US officials seek Americans missing in Baghdad: State Department

A group of American citizens have been reported missing in the Iraqi…

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Egypt-UK military talks focus on fight against IS

Last week, the British parliament voted for military action in Syria

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Repeated promises to establish a parliament in post-30 June Egypt

Officials have, between 2013 and 2015, continually promised “elections soon”, yet they…

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Yemeni delegation reportedly visits Cairo

The visit would aim at enhancing economic relations with Egypt

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Egyptian trucks held in Libya released

Egyptian trucks held in Libya for several days in the latest incident…

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Company workers stage sit-in in Suez

Workers object to last week’s dismissal of nine employees

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Mehleb concludes UAE trip with high-level talks

After tense ties under Morsi’s tenure, the UAE has become one of…

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Morsi era minister’s first trial hearing postponed

The former information minister faces charges of squandering public funds alongside one…

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