Yemeni delegation reportedly visits Cairo

Daily News Egypt
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A Yemeni delegation reportedly arrived in Cairo Monday to discuss bilateral cooperation with officials, Deif-Allah Al-Shamy, prominent member of the Shi’a Houthi rebel group, said on his Facebook page.

The visit aims at fostering economic cooperation between different countries around the world, said Al-Shamy. He added that there were several other official Yemeni visits including a visit to Russia, which he described as “fruitful in terms of mutual respect and opening diplomatic and economic relations with both countries”.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not be reached for comment.

Al-Shamy further said that an Iranian airplane supported by the Red Cross in Tehran sent aid to the health ministry in Yemen. The aid was received after the Yemeni delegation signed a mutual economic cooperation agreement with the Iranian government.

However, the group did not mention whom they are meeting with, nor did Egyptian official sources confirm the arrival ofYemeni officials.

Yemen has been witnessing increasing turmoil following the power grab by Shi’a rebel troops led by Abdul Malik Al-Houthi in the north.

The group have taken over many Yemeni cities and entered the capital Sanaa in September 2014, amid clashes with the state forces, which left hundreds dead, including civilians.

In February, the Houthis declared a new constitutional draft. Following the resignation of Yemeni president Mansour Abd Rabou Hadi, along with his cabinet, the declaration announced the formation of a new interim government.






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