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Sacrifices made by October War heroes will remain immortal in Egypt’s conscience: Al-Sisi

Government will continue developing living conditions in Egypt: President Al-Sisi

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Ministry of culture honours October war heroes 

This country managed to build a civilization and to present people good,

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October War hero reveals facts, secrets

October War’s preparation began shortly after 1967, but we didn’t know when

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October War returned pride to Egypt: Al-Sisi

The president further mourned the dead pilgrims in Mina.

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Securing democratic transition a secondary task of Air Defence Forces: Commander

Air Defence Forces is securing air forces units in their fight against

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Al-Sisi travels to Alexandria to oversee naval exercises

Al-Bader exercises mark anniversary of sinking of Israeli destroyer Eliat in 1967

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Al-Nour Party will not participate in upcoming demonstrations

Spokesman for the influential Salafi party says protests are not a way

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Egypt and EU important partners: Ashton

EU foreign affairs chief stresses need for inclusivity in Egypt ahead of

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Anti-Coup Alliance: Military leaders who ousted Morsi have lost legitimacy

Pro-Morsi alliance calls for protests leading up to 6 October

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