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FDI in oil and gas unaffected by Egypt’s instability

Political instability in Egypt and other Arab countries had negative effect on…

Menna Samir Menna Samir

Upcoming period is busy time for petroleum industry: Petroleum minister

Although there will be a $2bn in debts to foreign partners by…

Mohamed Adel Mohamed Adel

Government adjusts gas price from ‘Desouq’ project

130m square feet of gas to be linked to national gas grid…

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Government considering raising energy prices for steel factories

Petroleum minister says there is no alternative for adjusting prices of gasoline…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Ministers of Petroleum, Energy and Electricity inaugurate energy summit

By 2020, government aiming to meet 20% of the country’s energy needs…

Sara Aggour Sara Aggour

Minister of petroleum pursues foreign investment

Ismail said recent meetings would restore confidence between foreign investors and the…

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Morsi meets with ministers to address energy needs

The president meets with ministers to address the crisis and ensure Egyptians…

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The diesel crisis: Petroleum minister’s words versus reality

Crisis due to high levels of smuggling and not a shortage in…

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Ghorab: Egypt has yet to tap into its wealth of natural resources

Former Minister of Petroleum, Abdallah Ghorab, talks to Daily News Egypt about…

Mohamed El-Bahrawi Mohamed El-Bahrawi

Shura Council to deliberate economic policy

Upper house of parliament awaits passing of constitution to practice legislative role

Liliana Mihaila Liliana Mihaila