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Developing Egypt’s natural gas network essential for economic activity

Projects to develop and improve the efficiency of Egypt’s national natural gas…

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Egypt’s petroleum minister meets Algerian counterpart to improve bilateral cooperation

Minister of Petroleum Tarek El-Molla met with his Algerian counterpart Mustapha Guitouni…

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 Petroleum Ministry introduces new octane 95 petrol with additives for improved performance

A special octane 95 petrol will be introduced in Egypt for the…

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Subsidy reform is challenging for developing countries: El-Molla

Egypt suffered from its long-term subsidy strategy

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2017 saw leaps in natural gas production: Tarek El-Molla

Petroleum Ministry aims to highlight Egypt’s success stories at EGYPS conference

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

El-Molla directs EGPC, Ganope, EGAS to intensify oil exploration

The Ministry of Petroleum aims to increase oil production to reduce reliance…

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Foreign partners’ investments in 2017/2018 at $10bn: Minister of Petroleum

Commitment to pay the dues of partners led to increase their investments…

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Egypt signs 3 new agreements for oil and gas exploration in Western Desert worth $79m    

US companies are an important partner in Egypt’s oil and gas sector:…

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Zohr fields to begin production before end of 2017

Total expenditure in the Zohr field amounted to $3.8bn

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New gas projects to double Egypt’s production in 2020: Petroleum Minister

New refining projects over the coming 4 years will bridge the gap…

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