Eduard Cousin

Managing Editor of Daily News Egypt since January 2015. I moved to Egypt in June 2013, just before the 30 June protests, and have been working here in media ever since. Strong love/hate relationship with Cairo, which tends more to the love side when I'm smoking shisha in an ahwa. Aside work, I occasionally play in musicals.
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The more Egypt does for itself, the more we can do for Egypt: EU Ambassador

Ambassador James Moran praises government efforts on economic policy reform, sees potential…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Making fast progress toward democracy is difficult: Dutch Ambassador

There may be a will to move toward democracy, but the tools…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

When a night out for football in Egypt turned dark

Having friends over in Egypt, my home for over a year and…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Dutch citizens file case against Egyptian interior minister

Lawyer expresses confidence in evidence available to prosecute Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Anti-Coup Alliance condemns military trial verdict for 5 civilians

Five Building and Development Party leaders sentenced to one year in prison…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Egyptian businessman to request investigation into Dutch journalist

Businessman in the Netherlands working with Egyptian embassy to file a request…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

History, culture, and scenic grandeur on Mount Catherine

Besides the beautiful landscape of mountains, wadis and canyons, the traditional Bedouin…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Shoukry joins Syria meeting in Saudi Arabia; FM condemns killing of US journalist

Arab ministers will discuss deteriorating situation in Syria, Iraq and the rise…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

State Department rebuts Egypt’s Ferguson comments, says situation ‘not comparable’

US deals “openly and honestly” with its issues and encourages others to…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Egyptian shot dead at Tunisian-Libyan border, Algeria to open border for Egyptians

1,200 Egyptians entered Tunisia Friday, fleeing the violence in Libya, says Tunisian…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin