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Egyptian government applied for programme to protect middle class: World Bank

Government currently working on package of measures in favour of middle class,…

Nevine Kamel Nevine Kamel

Missing middle: the crises of the middle class in Egyptian society

The word "middle" refers to the centre. It is the point that…

Samar Mahmoud Samar Mahmoud

Committee formed to establish 500,000 units of middle-class social housing

The project would be important in restoring balance to the real estate…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Obama urges US politicians to help strengthen middle class

Washington has lost focus on strengthening the middle class, said the president.

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

The greatest act of treason

By Taher El Moataz Bellah 30 June is a day that is…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Why should the young man move?

In the early days of the revolution, and since then over the…

Farid Zahran Farid Zahran