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High level German businessmen delegation visit Egypt

Bilateral trade between Egypt and Germany amounted to €4.4bn in 2014

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Merkel demands total overhaul of EU refugee policy

Merkel also stressed that all EU nations were expected to live up

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The President in Berlin: Reductio ad absurdum

By Mohamed Selim Whoever scheduled the President of Egypt’s visit to Berlin

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How Egypt‘s President tricked Germany‘s Chancellor Merkel – again

The relations between Germany and Egypt, who had only just agreed on

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Disagreements still in place, dialogue will continue: Merkel and Al-Sisi

Merkel criticised death sentences in Egypt, Al-Sisi said that Egypt guarantees region’s

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Merkel’s realpolitik and Egypt’s lost revolutions

  By Mohamed Selim  “Germany’s government believes that Egypt ought to maintain the

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Al-Sisi starts 4-day Europe tour

Egyptian president travelled to Germany Tuesday, will head to Hungary on Thursday

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Postponement of Morsi verdict ‘political manoeuvre’: Brotherhood spokesperson

“Politicised judiciary” adjourned possible verdict of former president, to save regime from

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EU consults with Egypt over changing ‘Neighbourhood Policy’

The European Union has no stance over the German parliament dispute with

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Haber’s messages prior to Al-Sisi’s visit to Germany

By Emad El-Sayed “Al-Sisi’s visit to Germany will not be an easy one.”

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