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Al-Sisi receives Prince Turki bin Abdullah

Saudi prince promises Egypt investments in Al-Azhar institution

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No referendum on ceding Tiran, Sanafir islands: leftist parties

Politicians call for protests to defend historical sovereignty rights

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Supporters of detained Red Sea islands protesters assaulted near court

A group of women reportedly attacked women and girls in the presence…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Free Egyptians Party addresses islands debate, Regeni case

Party says it is yet to form final opinion on affiliation of…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

30 protesters held in detention following Friday demonstration against land transfer 

Qasr Al-Nil prosecution authorities cancelled the release of detained protesters hours after…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki