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Kerry to meet Syrian rebel leaders at UN

Meeting comes as US plans to boost military aid to the rebels…

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US senate committee propose conditions for Egypt aid

Proposed bill on assistance “would bring the best out of the Egyptian…

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Foreign ministry concerned about West Bank settlements

Ministry calls for halting any land seizures that would prevent a Palestinian…

Mohamad Nagi Mohamad Nagi

Kerry pushes to rescue Mideast peace bid

The meetings came after the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah rejected Kerry's proposals…

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Obama meets with National Security Council on Egypt

International concern for Egypt’s path to democracy

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Kerry confident about safety of US embassy in Cairo

30 June protests draw comments from US Secretary Kerry, President Obama, and…

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Peace talks, but money speaks louder

Could new joint efforts between Palestinian and Israeli business leaders revitalize dialogue…

Rasheed Hammouda Rasheed Hammouda

Israel pushes plans for 1,100 W. Bank homes

Details of the plans emerged as US Secretary of State John Kerry…

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Assad gains sharpen focus on arming Syrian rebels

Hague and Kerry made a passionate plea for Europe, the US and…

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Kerry postpones Mideast visit: official

US officials had never officially announced that Kerry had planned to head…

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