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Global economy crisis adds more challenges to Egypt in 2013

The global economy faces fewer headwinds in 2013 compared to last year

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EU delegation in Cairo

The delegation is discussing progress made on deals struck last November for

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Egypt: Banks attracting Gulf investors

  By Robert Tashima Despite an uncertain political climate and a sluggish

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Rebel Economy Wrap: The IMF dam

By: Farah Halime Billions of dollars of financing earmarked for Egypt is

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Egypt updates its economic plan to obtain IMF loan

The government is in the process of updating the economic plan it

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IMF department director to visit Egypt on Monday

Egypt’s economy has nosedived as investment from abroad has dried up and

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IMF loan talks to resume

This loan will be a certificate of trust for the Egyptian economy,

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IMF deal approval delayed

The International Monetary Fund said that Egypt had asked to delay its

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US Dollar breaks EGP 6.15 level

Raise reportedly due mainly to political tension

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Stock exchange continues to fall

Mood of pessimism continues to drive down stock market

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