Egypt, IFAD discuss cooperation during Fund’s 46th Governing Council in Rome

Al-Mashat met with Alvaro Lario, President of the International Fund for Agricultural

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Egypt, IFAD discuss cooperation in organising COP 27

Egypt enjoys strategic relations with IFAD, in agricultural sector and climate change

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IFAD supports rural poverty alleviation in Egypt since early 80s, through 14 developmental programmes worth $1.1bn

Egypt is IFAD`s largest recipient of financial assistance in the Near East

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High-level IFAD delegation to visit farmers, review progress of rural development projects in Egypt

A high-level delegation of Executive Board members and senior staff of the

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Egypt re-elected as IFAD Executive Council member

IFAD contributes to advancing various governments’ efforts in rural, agricultural development

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Netherlands contributes $6m to IFAD’s Rural Poor Stimulus Facility

Dutch funding to IFAD will help avert COVID-19 food crisis

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IFAD launches new fund against rural food crisis due to COVID-19

IFAD aims to raise at least another $200m from its member states,

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IFAD’s president to meet Al-Sisi over his four-day visit to Egypt

Egypt is the largest recipient of IFAD's investments in NENA region with

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