Egypt re-elected as IFAD Executive Council member

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

Ambassador Hisham Badr, Egypt’s Ambassador to Rome, has confirmed that the country has retained its seat on the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Executive Council for the new 2021-2024 term.

IFAD’s Board of Governors has approved the election of the new membership for the Executive Council.

Badr highlighted the importance that Egypt gives to IFAD and the projects the fund is implementing there. These come in line with Egypt’s national strategy to promote the agricultural sector, whilst pointing to the country’s support for the pioneering role the fund plays as one of the most important UN development agencies.

IFAD contributes to advancing the efforts of various governments in the field of rural and agricultural development. It also adopts an approach to support small farmers in the poorest countries, especially across Africa.

The Egyptian Embassy in Rome was keen to undertake the necessary diplomatic efforts in Rome to secure Egypt’s continued membership on the Executive Council. This takes into account that it is the largest contributor to the Fund’s resources in Africa.

It is worth noting that IFAD contributes to financing a large number of projects, including the project to strengthen the marketing capabilities of small farmers in the Egyptian countryside. 

This was chosen by the IFAD management as one of its success stories in the Near East, North Africa and Europe. This comes in addition to financing sustainable agricultural investment projects and improving livelihoods (SEAL), and the project to enhance compatibility in desert areas (BRIDE).

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