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HRW calls on Egyptian authorities to release Taher Mokhtar, his two roommates

The statement alleges that Mokhtar’s arrest is tied to his work documenting…

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HRW calls on Egypt to revoke ‘blasphemy’ article in penal code, condemns sentencing minors

The international rights observer Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the Egyptian…

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At least 3,000 people charged or sentenced in military courts: HRW

The HRW report is biased and non-objective, says Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa

Egypt is turning borders into ‘de facto prison walls’: HRW

Watchdog says authorities should end ‘restrictions’; Ministry of Interior says it only…

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Court upholds innocence of 17 Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh witnesses over protesting

Defendants were initially acquitted of illegal protest charges on 23 May; prosecution…

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Cabinet details plan to combat terrorism in Sinai

HRW report on violations coincided cabinet’s statement regarding Sinai security operations

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Foreign Ministry looks to change narrative of foreign coverage on Egypt

Shoukry implies that one reason for negative foreign coverage is that the…

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68 unresolved cases of forced disappearances since July 2013: AOHR report

Hundreds forcibly disappeared since 25 January Revolution, in addition to disappearances that…

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Cairo court postpones ‘Maspero violence’ trial to 19 September

The “Maspero violence” took place days following the ouster of former president…

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Egypt lashes out at ‘politicised’, ‘unprofessional’ foreign coverage

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has frequently taken to speaking out against critical…

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