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Foreign ministry lambasts HRW over ‘non-objective’ report

The ministry claims human rights watchdog is "leading a systematic campaign against…

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Al-Sisi is pushing Egypt away from democracy: US report

White House report suggests democratic progress bears no influence on US military…

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Homosexuals’ ongoing acceptance struggle increases as government crackdown tightened

Over 95 people were arrested in Egypt for same-sex conduct or gender…

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Imprisoned 16-year-old passes exams from jail

Family strongly denies charges of violence handed to child

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Saudi Arabia ramping up executions in 2015: HRW

Gulf country executed more people in first five months of 2015 than…

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HRW calls on EU not to endanger lives in military action against smugglers

EU increasingly criticised for placing more efforts on militarising Mediterranean rather than…

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Egypt condemns comments on Morsi’s death sentence

Misr Al-Qawia, Turkish President Erdogan strongly condemned rulings, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon…

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Yemen ceasefire takes effect Tuesday evening

It remains unclear whether both sides will abide by truce after fierce…

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Coalition blockade ‘in violation of the laws of war’: HRW

Yemeni healthcare about to collapse; Moroccan fighter jet "missing" after air strike

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Palestinian Authority forces arrest students affiliated with Hamas

Students, arrested after winning student council elections and writing critical Facebook posts,…

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