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Homosexuals need treatment: Bishop Rafael

Commenting on the recent US ruling, the leading Bishop implied gay people…

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2 transgender men arrested on prostitution charges

Police says two defendants posted sexually explicit footage online

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Court denies prosecution appeal on Ramsis bathhouse verdict

Defendants were charged with participating and organising same-sex “orgies”

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Court reduces sentences in ‘same-sex marriage video’ defendants to 1 year

The men were featured in a video showing two males in what…

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Over 150 arrested on charges of ‘debauchery’ since 30 June: EIPR

Bath house raid one of many cases of clampdown on homosexuality since…

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Egyptian AIDS Society slams TV show over ‘homosexual orgies’ episode

Arrests part of campaign by government to distract attention from crackdown on…

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Police arrest 25 in Cairo bath house raid for organising same-sex ‘orgies’

Suspects to be sent to forensic department for “medical examinations”, says prosecution

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HRW condemns Egypt’s sentencing of same-sex wedding defendants

Sentences reveal frailty of Egyptian judiciary, says LGBT group

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Same-sex marriage video defendants sentenced to 3 years

The men were featured in a video showing two males celebrating their…

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