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Same-sex marriage video defendants sentenced to 3 years

The men were featured in a video showing two males celebrating their marriage on a boat

Same-Sex Marraige
The two men, who are seen in the video celebrating their marriage on a boat, were also charged with “inciting debauchery”.
(Photo Screen Shot from Youtube)

The Qasr Al-Nil Court sentenced eight defendants to three years on charges of homosexuality and offending public morals, according to state-run Al Ahram. The men were arrested after a video of an unofficial same-sex wedding went viral on social media.

The two men, who are seen in the video celebrating their marriage on a boat, were also charged with “inciting debauchery”.

The prosecution described the celebration as “a devilish shameless party”.

Suspects accused of homosexuality are frequently forced to undergo medical tests, including anal examination, to check whether they are “habitual” homosexuals, a practice condemned by rights groups. According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), who has called for the detainees’ release, the procedure represents a violation of “international standards against torture”.

Hisham Abdel Hamid, spokesman for the forensic department previously told Daily News Egypt that, based on the results of medical tests, the nine defendants are “not homosexuals”.

However, the defendants were held in preventative detention and sent to court.

“These arrests represent another assault on fundamental human rights and reflect the Egyptian government’s growing disdain for the rule of law,” Graeme Reid, Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Programme for HRW said in a statement.

Egypt’s ambassador to the United Nations, Amr Ramadan, announced his deep regret at the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution on 26 September, that combats violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, according to state-run Al-Ahram.

Ramadan said that Egypt has taken a leading role in “combating all decisions that stand against the morals of Arab and Muslim communities”.


Following the latest crackdown on homosexuals, online dating app Grindr warned users in Egypt against giving out their personal information and setting up meetings with other Grindr users. They said this was due to the threat of arrests against users in the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] community.

On18 October, LGBT activists launched a campaign against the persecution of homosexuals in Egypt. Activists called for demonstrations in front of every Egyptian embassy around the world to “protest against human rights violations committed by the Egyptian government, relying on unlawful and unethical media tools, towards those of differing sexual orientations and gender identities”, the organisers said in a statement.

Egyptian law does not directly forbid homosexuality, but crackdowns have taken place citing charges of “violating the teachings of religion and public morals”.

In October 2013, prosecutors ordered fourteen suspects to be detained on allegations they committed “homosexual acts” in a medical centre in the El-Marg neighbourhood of Cairo, and to undergo medical tests.

Last April, an Egyptian court sentenced four men to up to eight years in prison for “practicing debauchery.”

In 2001, 52 males were arrested on a boat on charges related to homosexual acts and “satanism”, with some receiving prison sentences.

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  • Hugh Vincelette

    From here in Canada, there’s a large & so far; successful group including travel agents who are vigorously discouraging tourism to Egypt. This adds to pressure on businesses across North America not to invest capital in Egypt.

  • eric

    And in the US, the right wing agrees with middle eastern ideology. There are plenty of neanderthals right here in the US.

    • Smiles

      While the left wingers here in the US are supporting things like ripping out developing children from their mothers wombs and tossing them in the dumpster because the s1ut doesn’t want to raise them.

      Everyone must be a rape victim that got pregnant, huh ?

      • eric

        So every woman who has an unwanted pregnancy is a slut? When the right supports children after birth then you’ll have a valid argument. Meanwhile, the right cuts nutritional programs including free school lunch for low income kids. They don’t believe in health care for all children whether they can afford it or not. They cut education. And if that kid screws up, especially if they are black, they shouldn’t be part of society for life. Just read comments from right wingers about Travan Martin and how many say he deserved to die. The right claims to be Godly yet those words are not matched by actions. The Dems used share that ideology. However, because we are a progressive nation, they changed. Now it’s the right who posts thousands of comments every day about their hatred of blacks, gays and any woman who elects to not bring a child into the world for whatever personal reasons she chooses. A world based on hate, fear and intolerance. My wife and I would never abort a child but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have that freedom of choice. And, BTW, I have an adopted child. How many have you adopted?

        • Smiles

          4 … boom.

  • Nighthalk

    There are no Global Standards for human rights.. every country has the right to its own culture and belief system.. if you don’t like it.. Go climb a tree

    • AgnosticEgyptian

      Bull. Human rights are universal. If a culture disagrees, that the culture’s problem, not human rights. Archaic superstition and ignorance have no place in the modern world. Science must prevail for humanity to progress.

    • Sullivan

      The United Nations would disagree with you given they’ve had a Charter of Human Rights, agreed to by almost all civilized countries, for decades. But nice try in your lies.

  • Sullivan

    Again Egypt has proven itself to be a barbaric country rather than a great country it once was. While people die and live in poverty, their government worries about things like this, things that affect not a single other person. Proof Islam is a religion of mindless, hateful rules without an ounce of good or compassion.

    • Egypt❤

      What are you saying? Thats exactly What the goverment is fighting!! That kinde of islam that no one wants!! The islam that MB wants..

      • Sullivan

        Egypt just has a slightly less enslaving form of Islam. Still stops freedom. Still targets particular groups. Still has no idea what human rights are. No freedom, no justice, no humanity.

  • Habibi

    And they called Bill Maher a racist for point this stuff out! Liberals have gone mad!

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