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French retailer Decathlon cancels plan to sell sports hijab

Sporting goods chain Decathlon has canceled plans to sell a sports version

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Social media users blog for World Hijab Day 

Users published stories on discrimination challenges, how they struggle to wear the

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Fashion between tolerance and politics 

Growing up with stereotypes is both confusing and pressuring. In many parts

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There is no law obliging students to be veiled: Education Ministry

This comes following a complaint from families at Al-Naseriya school in Zagazig,

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Hijab unravelled: Photographic documentary of hijabi women

My only intention is to give 31 young Muslim women the opportunity

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Meet the first international hijabi model

“It is a positive message portraying diversity, and respects the hijab,” says

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Hijab fashion in Egypt: a classical wrap or a trendy “Spanish”?

The hijab fashion in Egypt has been changing rapidly over the last

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A pointless piece of cloth debate

Few hours after Fatma Nabil has read the 12 o’clock news bulletin

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