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Cabinet approves compensations for Nubians affected by High Dam

Compensation includes ownership of arable lands, housing unites  

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High Dam electricity output reaches 1,750MW due to periodic maintenance

Overhauling two 350MW units, programme to be completed in May 2020

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Will the High Dam be turned into a wall

This article is addressed to the Minister of Irrigation. Al-Watan newspaper recently…

Nubian protest at Abu Simbel solar alignment celebration

The citizens condemn decree 444; say they will not give up on…

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5 acre agricultural land provided for residents in Nubia

Ministry of Housing trying to attract Nubian families to return to Nubia…

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Little Egypt: Journey through history in 2 hours

The touristic and educational 190 feddans village is ill-organised

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Egypt will never oppose development of Nile basin countries: Water minister

Irrigation ministers discuss how to implement the recommendations of their International Panel…

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Electrical circuit error causes ‘minimal’ fire at High Dam electricity transformer

Source in Aswan Security directorate says armed forces contained fire

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