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Tout Express: Healthy drinks, unusual flavours

The striking and sometimes strange health drinks at Tout Express make for a different and amusing experience.


The watercress juice is one of the weirder options at Tout Express (Photo by Fanny Oheir)
The watercress juice is one of the weirder options at Tout Express
(Photo by Fanny Oheir)

By Fanny Oheir

At first, the juices on offer at Tout Express may sound reminiscent of grandmother’s home remedies.  “Parsley helps the blood circulation, fig is good for memory, and kiwi gives strength and vitamin C,” explained a waitress. Apart from the usual list of beverages offered in juice shops, this Dokki restaurant distinguishes itself for its wide array of colourful, and sometimes strange, health drinks.

A waitress walked us through their selection. “The pomegranate has a lot of sugar, and helps to [fortify] the body; the doum fights cholesterol and its sugar gives strength,” she said. Then came the more striking selections: a juice made of watercress, a leaf vegetable usually served in salads; and the viagra juice, whose contents remain a mystery, which supposedly “gives the body strength.”

Despite its indiscreet green hue, the watercress juice, the waitress assured us, “helps with digestion”. Cherry and date juices are also on offer, but regardless of flavour, the staff said all drinks are very carefully prepared with the right mixture of milk, ice, sugar and special ingredients.

Apart from the more unusual juices, Tout Express also offers a large panel of typical Egyptian food, such as babaghanoug and yoghurt salads, shawerma, sandwiches and pasta. While the food is not exceptional, it is well-cooked, and might be a good option for those with a craving for local food. The service is fast, the staff are attentive, and the prices are not expensive.

Located place in Dokki’s Vinny Square, the restaurant stands out for the somewhat garish pharaoh’s head guarding the entrance. Do not be intimidated by this, however, since inside the ambience is in fact quite pleasant, and the decor, which mixes old paintings of flowers and black and red seats, is more charming than off-putting.

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