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Court cancels release of MB businessperson Hassan Malek following prosecution appeal

The court renewed detention of Malek and another two defendants for 45

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Detention of Brotherhood businessman Hassan Malek renewed for 45 days

Malek was detained in 2006 prior to the 25 January Revolution; however,

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Businessmen and the state: A confusing relationship

Several businessmen faced issues this year such as confiscating assets, freezing stocks

Doaa Farid Doaa Farid

Detention renewed for Brotherhood businessman on charges of ‘harming economy’

Brotherhood leader Hassan Malek was arrested Thursday after being accused of withholding

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Companies owned by MB leader not closed: Asset seizure committee

Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan Malek is the owner of several well-known clothes

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Suez Canal Development law remains at draft stage

Qandil: There will be no ‘state within the state’ of countries like

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Egyptian government attempts to woo former regime businessmen

Malek: Yassin Mansour and Hafez El Shishti ‘will, God-willing, return to Egypt’

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Morsy pursues reconciliation with business

Presidential message sent out to Egyptian businessmen during CI Capital conference in

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What if foreign investment flows in?

Statements on investment and economic achievements made by Mubarak-regime ministers were never

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Security to release Muslim Brotherhood leaders

By AFP CAIRO:- Two senior leaders of the Egyptian opposition Muslim Brotherhood