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On social ugliness and beauty

With notable exceptions, the majority of Egyptian movies seem to be made with consistent mediocrity, while pretending to be artistic because they seemingly reflect “Egyptian reality.”

Mahmoud Salem

The walls will not be silent

In a sweeping effort to clean up Tahrir and the surrounding area, scores of little men with paint brushes covered the iconic revolutionary graffiti with a thick layer of creamy paint. Effectively creating a huge blank canvas for the spray-painting artists. It took only a few hours before the first new artwork appeared and all …

Adel Heine

Egyptian street art alongside the pharaoh in Frankfurt

By Chitra Kalyani In September 2011, Khaled Said made an appearance on the famous Berlin Wall. This month, Egypt is once again taking its walls to Germany, this time alongside the Tutankhamun Exhibit in Frankfurt. April 13 marked the “First Friday” in Frankfurt, where a workshop and gallery entitled “Egyptian Street Art and Arabic Graffiti” were …


Street art and the power to mobilize

By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef It’s after sunset on a Friday night. A few weeks after clashes took place in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, a group of young artists enter Tahrir Square and observe the scene ahead. Their eyes set on the street where hundreds faced death and suffocation — their next target, they set up their gear …


Egypt revolution graffiti brings down barricades

By Mostafa Aboul Ezz/ AFP CAIRO: They were hit, pushed back and even fired at, but Egyptian activists have returned to the scene of deadly clashes in the heart of Cairo, determined to keep their revolution alive, this time armed with paint brushes. From a distance, Sheikh Rihan street, a wide avenue in Cairo’s usually busy …


Egyptians move to reclaim streets through graffiti

CAIRO: The conflict between Egypt’s ruling military and pro-democracy protesters isn’t just on the streets of Cairo, it’s on the walls as well, as graffiti artists from each side duel it out with spray paint and stencils. Earlier this month, supporters of the ruling generals painted over part of the largest and most famous antimilitary …


A new Graffiti takeover in the streets of Alexandria

This past weekend in seaside Alexandria, an artistic laboratory of cross-cultural dialogue, image creation, and creative collaborations colorfully conquered the streets surrounding the Lycee theater. Organized by the Goethe-Institute Alexandria, the “Graffiti: Style, History, Experience” project is the second part of a graffiti takeover initiative that began this past May with commissioned street murals created …


A pretend display of Egyptian graffiti at disappointing Townhouse exhibit

Graffiti has evolved into a fascinating method of self-expression in Egypt these days, emerging calmly a few months before the revolution then exploding with the events of January 25. Commemorating the different sides of graffiti and its applications is an exhibition titled "This is not Graffiti" at the Townhouse Gallery, which opened on Sunday. The …


Artists referred to military prosecution ahead of Friday protests

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: The military police referred three artists to the military prosecution Thursday ahead of planned mass protests on Friday for criticizing the ruling military council, lawyer Ghada Shahbandar told Daily News Egypt. The three were first arrested at about 11 am by the police while sticking up posters near the Journalists’ Syndicate in …


Building bridges with graffiti art

By Mohammed Ali LONDON: We hear government officials, academics and politicians talking about the problems of multiculturalism and community cohesion, but I feel they have left one resource untapped when it comes to finding solutions: art. In fact, I often make the bold statement that graffiti art has the power to change the world. Art that …


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