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Achieved militant victories against IS not enough: Egypt’s FM

Hafez’s words came during Egypt’s participation in meetings of The International Alliance's…

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Egypt concerned about ‘partisan’ US senate foreign aid hearing

Foreign ministry’s spokesperson says hearing ignored achievements of Egypt in region and…

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Foreign Affairs Ministry demands freedom for Egyptian prisoners in US in response to request to release NGO founder

Aya Hegazy didn’t bring her US citizenship into play and her prolonged…

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Fate of 7 Egyptians in Misrata remains unknown

Families demand answers from Ministry of Foreign Affairs on relatives detained for…

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Guardian journalist’s fabrication proves our claims of non-credibility: Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry spokesperson told reporters that the newspaper will continue to be…

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Foreign ministry condemns ‘Western suggestions’ on Al-Sisi’s popularity

Spokesperson says low elections turnout does not reflect “leadership mistrust”; but citizens…

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Egyptian fishermen’s trial in Sudan resumes

"We are not as important as the Ethiopians our country liberated from…

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Egypt’s Foreign Ministry warns fishermen against illegal entry into territorial waters

Ongoing negotiations with Sudan over detained Egyptian fishermen

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192 Egyptians among first group to return from Libya via Tunisia

Foreign Ministry operation room says Libyan authorities closed Ras Ajdir border crossing

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Shoukry meets UN envoy to Iraq

Two officials discuss Iraq’s “security and stability”

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