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New Zealand flag vote too close to call

New Zealand voters seem torn between two flag designs, with the flag…

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New Zealand votes in first round to select national flag

New Zealanders have begun voting in the first of two referendums to…

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Egypt’s Grand Mufti condemns Sydney hostage crisis

"Act of terror does not fall under the teachings of Islam, which…

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Presidential decree issued to regulate flag, anthem usage

Violation of law punishable by year in prison, EGP 30,000 fine

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Protesters sentenced to 2 years of labour for defacing Tahrir monument

One of the three men sentenced for burning flag in addition to…

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Six month sentence for burning flag

Cabinet had recently approved harsher penalties for flag desecration

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Harsher penalties for desecrating flag and dishonouring national anthem

Cabinet passes bill criminalising desecration of flag

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Cairo skies

Military aircrafts drew different colourful shapes in the sky, sending messages to…

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Tahrir vendors

Vendors still supply protesters with any sustenance they may need

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