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Julian Assange documentary to air in the US

Oscar-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras’ long-awaited documentary film on controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will make its television debut in the United States.Cable network Showtime, in partnership with Neon distribution, said on Sunday it will release the Laura Poitras documentary “Risk,” the inside story of Julian Assange, the world’s most notorious whistleblower. It’s the American director’s …

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Cinedelta: a step towards reviving the documentary film industry in Egypt

Aiming to provide professional training to amateurs from around the Delta region about the latest editing and storytelling techniques in the documentary film industry, Cinedelta project was launched in 2016 through the fruitful cooperation between the Italian non-governmental organisation Ricerca e Cooperazione and Fig Leaf Studios. The programme provided 20 Egyptian students with a series …

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‘Every Eid’s film’ tackles sexual harassment with a new perspective

“Crowds in the feast day, the music, decorations, the look, my footstep, the smoke, the door.” With these words a new short movie called “Every Eid’s Film” shows how the feast should be if a young, veiled girl is walking in the street. The movie keeps repeating the same sequence of events, but with different …

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