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Egypt ranks third in the world for number of journalists imprisoned in 2016: CPJ

Only China and Turkey have more journalists behind bars than Egypt

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CPJ highlights media crackdown cases in response to Al-Sisi’s claim on a free press

In a recent interview, the president said “people talk as they please”

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CPJ names detained photojournalist Shawkan for 2016 press award

Shawkan has been in jail since 2013, and his fate remains unknown…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Death penalties against journalists ‘unjust, shocking, and outrageous’: CPJ

Journalists at Al-Jazeera and other pro-Islamists media were sentenced in Qatar espionage…

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CPJ calls to realease Al-Badil journalist amid torture claims

Anwar was arrested 10 days ago, his detention location is unknown

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CPJ calls for release of Yanair Gate journalist detained by Egyptian National Security

Dozens of journalists have been subject to violations ahead of anniversary of…

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Egypt is second biggest jailer of journalists: CPJ

Journalism watchdog claims "national security" is a pretext for repression

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‘Rabaa Sit-In’ trial postponed due to lack of room in court

Courtroom's cages are too small for the 700-plus defendants, including photojournalist Mahmoud…

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Solidarity, condemnations follow researcher’s arrest

There is a major defect when it comes to security investigation apparatuses…

Nourhan Fahmy Nourhan Fahmy

Al-Sisi’s UN claims refuted with 60 journalists behind bars: ANHRI

Civil society bodies move to criticise the President’s international message

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