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Subir Lall to succeed Chris Jarvis as IMF mission director in Egypt

Egypt will soon get a new IMF mission director, as current chief

Elsayed Solyman Elsayed Solyman

Protecting the Vulnerable During Egypt’s Economic Reform

Restoring economic stability is not easy, as Egypt’s President Sisi has said many

Chris Jarvis Chris Jarvis

Egypt is moving in a new economic direction, reforms are hard but necessary: Chris Jarvis

Foreign exchange and inflation rates exceeded the IMF's preliminary predictions; IMF may

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

Government to include capital gains tax in economic reform programme: Chris Jarvis

The IMF mission chief to Egypt spoke at the IMF and World

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Approval of the VAT is a historic achievement: IMF

Change in national tax code will affect all portions of society, unless

Nicholas Mehling Nicholas Mehling

Head of IMF Mission to Egypt urges for measures to reduce budget deficit

External debt is within safe limits and can be managed, but local

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Egypt returned to international markets through Eurobond issuance: IMF Mission Chief

CBE policies would improve the availability of foreign exchange, strengthen competitiveness, support

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Egypt has not requested financing, but we would consider request: IMF Mission Chief

By Abdelrahman Youssef Daily News Egypt sat down with the International Monetary Fund’s

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Egypt vulnerable to adverse global economic developments: IMF Mission Chief

Egyptian authorities design good macroeconomic and reforms programme ahead of March 2015

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