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Subir Lall to succeed Chris Jarvis as IMF mission director in Egypt

Egypt will soon get a new IMF mission director, as current chief Jarvis’ three-year term in the country has come to an end. Jarvis is scheduled to pass the torch on to former Portugal Mission Chief Subir Lall, who previously served as mission chief for Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. The Brown and …

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Protecting the Vulnerable During Egypt’s Economic Reform

Restoring economic stability is not easy, as Egypt’s President Sisi has said many times. The country faces three interlinked problems: an urgent balance of payments problem—which means more foreign currency has been going out the door than coming in—rising public debt, as well as low growth and high unemployment. With help from the IMF, Egypt has …

Chris Jarvis

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Egypt has not requested financing, but we would consider request: IMF Mission Chief

By Abdelrahman Youssef Daily News Egypt sat down with the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Mission Chief in Egypt, Chris Jarvis, to discuss the Egyptian economy and IMF recommendations in that regard as well as how political stability influences economic growth. Will Egypt still need financial support in the future or are the IMF’s recommendations for economic reform …

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