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Berlin's classic ad columns to disappear

Omnipresent ad columns have helped during war and defied digitization. Now Berlin’s traditional “Litfasssäule” are about to disappear — only to be replaced by new ones. Here’s why they’re legendary.Berlin's cityscape won't be quite the same without them. While they may seem trivial in our digital world, advertising columns are seen as an immutable part …

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Berlin's Museum Island welcomes new stately entrance

As of 2019, visitors to Berlin’s Museum Island complex will gain access to its different museums via a new building, the James Simon Gallery designed by star architect David Chipperfield.Museum Island is a unique UNESCO World Heritage ensemble of museums that draw more than two million visitors from all over the world every year. The …

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Berlin's East Side Gallery saved from property investors

The East Side Gallery now belongs to the Berlin Wall Foundation, which aims to protect the famous section of the former wall that divided the German capital.There will be no further construction projects at Berlin's East Side gallery, the 1.3-kilometer remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall that has been covered with art, also known as …

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Berlin's economic power creates 'new fear of Germany' across EU

Europe today fears Germany’s economic strength rather than its military might, historian Andeas Rödder tells DW. At the same time, Germany is meant to lead the EU: a dilemma for all sides."I’m not so much afraid of German power; its German inactivity I’m starting to fear," said Radoslaw Sikorski, then Poland’s foreign minister, while speaking …

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Artists want to rebuild the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall divided the city for 28 years. As from October, a fake replica is to be erected on the Unter den Linden boulevard. It is part of an art project of the cultural event Berliner Festspiele.After the celebration to mark German unity on October 3, the Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince’s Palace) on Unter den …

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Berlin sets aside €2.4 billion for national internet boost

The German government has approved the creation of a billion euro digital infrastructure fund to help boost internet connectivity throughout the country. Better late than never, critics say.The German Cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill to create a special ‘Digital Infrastructure’ fund with an initial €2.4 billion ($2.8 billion), financed by the auction of new …

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Berlin, Glasgow set to host first European Championships

The first edition of the new multi-sport event is to be split between Glasgow and the German capital, with Berlin to host the athletics. The event brings together a combination of various continental sports competitions.The idea is to make it just like a mini Olympics. An array of sporting competitions are joining forces this summer …

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ILA 2018 air show takes off in Berlin

The world’s longest-running air show has opened to aerospace industry officials and an estimated 150,000 visitors, who want to see the latest in aviation technology, including 3D-printing and electric planes.Now in its 109th year, the bi-annual event held south of Berlin presents modern aircraft, new air and space technology and features a program of displays …

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What will it take to clear the air in Berlin?

Berlin is notorious for dirty air in Germany. The local government wants to introduce speed limits on major roads to tackle the problem, while environmental groups continue to call for a diesel ban across Germany.It’s no secret that Berlin is dirty. For many, part of the city’s appeal stems from its less-than-clean trains, parks covered …

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Berlin celebrates fashion legend Versace

Gianni Versace may have been an Italian designer, but his ties to Germany go way back, and his fame extends worldwide. An exhibition in the German capital celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic fashion house.He was one of the greatest fashion designers of the last century: Giovanni Maria Versace, better known as Gianni Versace …

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Berlin 24/7: Berlin’s forgotten victims of communism

Berlin was not only East Germany’s capital, but also the center of the Stasi’s persecution. Many victims of that period feel forgotten. A memorial could help change that, believes DW columnist Gero Schliess.”Mauergleiche” (literally, wall equal): It’s a word that even I, as a German, needed to Google to decipher its meaning. Or do you …

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Berlin’s new airport: A potted history

The long-awaited Berlin (BER) airport is set to open in October 2020, bosses have announced. But after a series of delays, is this the beginning of the end, or merely the end of the beginning?Anyone under the age of 26 is not as old as the planning and construction process behind the long-awaited but perennially-delayed …

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From Berlin to Munich in just four hours

Germany has officially inaugurated a new high-speed rail route between the two German cities, slashing travel time to four hours from six. Steven Beardsley was aboard one of the first two ceremonial trains.Chancellor Angela Merkel was at Berlin’s central train station on Friday to celebrate the inauguration of Germany’s new high-speed rail line between the …

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Roma cultural center launched in Berlin

The European Roma Institute for Art and Culture will showcase the art and culture of the continent’s largest minority, aiming to tackle prejudice against the group.The European Roma Institute for Art and Culture (ERIAC) was launched on Thursday at Germany’s Foreign Ministry. It plans to opens its doors in Berlin this fall. Supporters include the …

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Fight back or flee repression? These Turkish artists chose Berlin

Bugra Erol sees his future in Berlin – not in Istanbul. He’s one of many Turkish artists who’ve fled repression. What are problems they’ve encountered? And how has being in exile affected their work?The paintings are destructive and disturbing. On one of them, a black heart holds out a crying face in the foreground with …

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How green is Berlin?

The German capital is hailed for its green spaces, where Berliners flock to at the first glimpse of sun. Check out our insider tips for the best nature hangouts – and find out if Berlin really is as green as people say.DW: You’re a nature conservationist. How green is Berlin in comparison to other cities …

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Berlin environment blog: Green messages

Someone in Berlin is leaving words in green on the sidewalks. And the message is clear: take climate change seriously.I could have made it to work quicker today. But spontaneously, I decided to get out of the tram and walk through the Berlin neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Turns out it was a good …

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Berlin 24/7: A new ‘Picasso’ in Berlin?

Is Leon Löwentraut the new Picasso, or just a lifestyle product? Experts in Berlin are undecided, yet the media and collectors are crazy about him. Berlin adores such types, says DW columnist Gero Schliess. And why not?The red carpet in front of the art box gallery in central Berlin is not as long as it …

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