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Automotive market divided on impact of second COVID-19 wave on local sales

Closure of some car factories abroad due to coronavirus will lead to

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Egypt’s automotive market faces new wave of cuts

Car prices slashed across the sector as automotive sector feels the pinch

Mohamed Al-Roubi Mohamed Al-Roubi

Automotive market welcomes new price

European-manufactured vehicles will not be affected much by decision

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

2018 is the breakthrough of the automotive market

Many economic factors and crises have left their mark on the automotive

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Egypt automotive market under pressure amid elevated inflation, high borrowing costs

Vehicle prices on the rise despite lower demand, says BMI Research

Elsayed Solyman Elsayed Solyman

European automotive market experiencing huge suffering in 4 year

The sales of European cars declined to their lowest pace in four

Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan

Price decline is freshening hopes in the automotive market

Decline of prices is an initiative by the merchants that will not

Ahmed Dawoud Ahmed Dawoud

Automotive market starts 2017 with price increases across 131 models

The new year for the automotive industry has begun with price increases

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Automotive market loses 25.6% of its sales in first 8 months of 2016

Passenger car sales declined by 25.6%, bus sales by 31.8%, truck sales

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer