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Conference of Ministers of Culture aims at enhancing cooperation in Arab World

Abdel Dayem’s remarks came during her speech at the press conference to announce the agenda of the 22nd session of the Conference of Ministers Responsible for Cultural Affairs in the Arab World by the United Arab Emirates. She added that this session came to implement and develop a draft plan to advance the cultural conditions in the Arab world and to extend new bridges to the world.

Daily News Egypt

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26% of FDI for Arab world goes to Egypt

Egypt received 26% of the foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to Arab countries in 2016, worth $8.1bn, compared to $6.9bn in 2015, according to the Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation report 2017. The report said that the total FDI inflows to the Arab world amounted to $30.8bn in 2016, compared to $24.6bn in …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

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Death penalty abolition: A Swedish view

By Charlotta Sparre The 10th of October marks the World Day against the Death Penalty. As a form of punishment, death penalty concerns everyone’s right to life. It is not only cruel, inhuman and degrading, but also irreversible and irreparable. No country and no legal system is immune to the miscarriage of justice. The state, …

Daily News Egypt

Dr Iris Boutros is an economist and strategist. Daily News Egypt

Education, a waste of money?

“Zahma moot, (it is very crowded) and it’s not yet 9 AM.” The taxi driver is complaining. Traffic is already gridlocked early in the morning (yes, Egyptians consider 9 AM early). And then he asks, “how bad is it going to be when schools open?” It got me thinking; maybe schools should be cancelled all …

Iris Boutros

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An Arab pope?

By George Richards The surprising resignation by Pope Benedict XVI triggered feverish speculation among bookmakers and Vatican-watchers as to who will succeed to the Papacy. As with the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, Pope Benedict’s resignation could, in theory, allow for the election of a pope from the developing world. Catholic congregations in …

Daily News Egypt

Experts weigh in on bane of corruption in regional business

By Reem Abdellatif CAIRO: In light of the calls for change resonating across the Arab world this past year, the annual Economic Research Forum (ERF) conference focused on the theme of corruption and its deleterious effects on economic development. On the corruption scale measured by the ERF, Egypt is rated one of the highest in the …


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