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World’s 5 most valuable tech brands 

Telecommunications and information technology (IT) companies managed to take the top nine spots of the world’s 10 most valuable brands in 2018, according to Brand Finance, an independent business valuation consultancy. According to the Brand Finance report, Amazon topped the list of the highest value brands in the world after its valuation at $150.8bn, up …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Apple sells almost 40% of tablets in Egypt

Apple dominated 39.7% of tablet sales in December 2017, leading the domestic tablet market. On the other hand, Samsung ranked second on the list after acquiring 38.7% of market sales in 2017. According to a Statista report, Samsung’s market share of tablet sales fell compared to 2016. The South Korean company’s share declined from 44.7% …

Daily News Egypt

3% decline in iPhone prices, 4% in iPads this month

The price of iPhones declined by 3% in February, where according to the new price list of Apple products, the iPhone 7 Plus has declined by 3%, from EGP 19,999 to EGP 19,399, whereas the price of the iPhone 7 Plus-28GB declined from EGP 22,699 to EGP 22,018. The iPhone Plus 7-256GB declined from EGP …

Daily News Egypt

Apple deletes New York Times apps in China

As part of a heavy-handed crackdown on foreign media, Apple has complied with a request from unnamed Chinese authorities to remove two New York Times apps from its app store in ChinaThe technology giant removed both the English and Chinese-language news apps from its mainland China store on December 23, according to a report in the newspaper on Thursday.

Deutsche Welle

Apple launches iPhone 7

Analysts say Apple’s iPhone 7, unveiled Wednesday, represents another evolution, not a revolution, of its flagship gadget. So what’s the plan for the company’s more than $200 billion in spare cash?

Deutsche Welle

Apple on the eve of iPhone 7

Anaysts say Apple’s iPhone 7, set for unveiling Wednesday in California, will represent another evolution, not a revolution, of its flagship gadget. So what’s the plan for its $200 billion (178 billion euros) in cash?

Deutsche Welle

Ireland to appeal Apple tax bill

Ireland will fight an EU ruling that Apple must pay up to 13 billion euros in back taxes. At stake: A decades-old Irish low-tax policy that has attracted multinationals’ head offices at the expense of other EU countries.

Deutsche Welle

Google gets louder on voice-activated tech

Beyond delivering search results and the Android mobile operating system, tech giant Google is moving into virtual reality and voice-activation technology – going toe-to-toe with Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

Deutsche Welle

Apple disses British surveillance bill

Apple is opposing provisions in a draft UK law that would weaken online encryption by requiring built-in cyber “backdoors” for government spies. The US e-gadgets company says backdoors harm rather than help security.

Deutsche Welle