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Eritrean troops massacred hundreds of civilians in Ethiopia’s Tigray: Amnesty

Eritrean troops went on a rampage and systematically killed hundreds of civilians,…

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

Fate of missing lawyer, doctor remains ambiguous amid detention allegations

NCHR reiterates call to allow detainees access to call lawyers and family

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Enforced disappearances in Egypt still on the rise as world marks day of solidarity with victims

''In Egypt the Interior Ministry is using enforced disappearance as a policy to wipe…

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Amnesty report damns Syrian government on prison abuse

Over 17,000 detainees have died in Syrian government custody in the past…

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International human rights watchdog campaigns against execution of 8 Egyptians

The defendants were tried by a military court and accused of forming…

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HRW, Amnesty decry police clampdown on Monday protests

Anyone detained for peacefully protesting should be released, says Amnesty International

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

Amnesty: Turkey illegally sending Syrians back to war zone

Amnesty International has accused Turkey of forcibly returning thousands of refugees to…

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Amnesty spotlights ‘hellish reality’ of Southeast Asian refugee crisis

Trafficked, beaten and sometimes even killed for ransom - a new AI…

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Amnesty International defends research against foreign ministry accusations of ‘lies’

NGO says Egyptian authorities do not differentiate between ”peaceful criticism and abuses…

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FJP vows ‘heavy price’ for death sentences

Death penalty has become Egyptian authorities’ favourite tool to purge political opposition,…

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