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Environment is the most artist that inspired me: Jewellery Designer Sarah Abdel Azim

Egyptian heritage is rich, renewable, but no one pays attention to it,…

Walid Farouk Walid Farouk

Egyptian jewellery manufacturers need to more focus on product innovation to compete globally: designer Omama Atef

I created exclusive collection of wedding jewellery for Emirati princesses, says Egyptian-Italian…

Walid Farouk Walid Farouk

Dina Shaker: international advocate for quality and comfort

“Clients usually welcome the label as an international brand that provides creative…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

Norine Farah X styled by Farah El-Sayed: The magic of collaborations

“We have established a friendship more than a business partnership, which helps…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

Against all odds: Egyptians want more luxury brands

The interior décor is classically timeless, while the stacked shelves are the…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

‘The image is always stronger than the word’: Ganzeer

“The inspiration behind my own projects comes from a desire to comment…

Marwa Morgan Marwa Morgan

Young designer offers creative collection

Amina K. offers creative handmade pieces to highlight Egyptian craftsmanship

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Design-meet: Federico Delrosso in Cairo

Italian architect and designer Federico Delrosso meets Egyptian designers

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt