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Egyptians revive Al-Hussein’s memory 

Thousands of Egyptians gathered on Tuesday from Egypt’s different governorates at Al-Hussein square in Al-Azhar area to celebrate Mouled (the birth of) Al-Hussein ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Al-Hussein has a significant role for Shiite and Sufi Muslims. His birth is an annual Islamic celebration with its own rituals which last …

Daily News Egypt

Inas Abdel Dayem: Egypt’s new culture minister

The Egyptian Parliament approved Inas Abdel Dayem as the new culture minister, succeeding Helmy El Namnam as part of the limited ministerial reshuffle that was announced on Sunday. Abdel Dayem is the current president of the Cairo Opera House and the president of the Arab Music Academy. Born on 28 July 1960, the internationally recognised …

Nihal Samir

AUC opens new bookstore at Egyptian Museum

Celebrating the 115th anniversary of the Egyptian Museum, the American University in Cairo (AUC) took part in the he Egyptian Heritage Exhibition, and opened a branch of its bookstore at the museum. “AUC Press Bookstores regularly takes part in events and book fairs, but this is a unique and excellent initiative by the Ministry of Antiquities,” …

Daily News Egypt

49th international book fair kicks off 27 January

The head of the Egyptian General Authority for Books, Haitham El-Hag, announced the opening of the 49th Cairo International Book Fair on 27 January, running until 19 February, with the participation of 27 countries; 17 from the Middle East and 10 foreign countries.   El-Hag said that Algeria is this year’s guest of honour, as …

Daily News Egypt

‘Egyptian Jeanne d’Arc’ screened across Middle East

Following a series of screenings all across the world, Director Iman Kamel’s documentary film “Egyptian Jeanne d’Arc” (Egyptian Joan of Arc) is set to be screened at the Cairo Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (CILAS) on January 16. Earlier this week, the film was screened in Ramallah Municipality Theatre in Palestine as a part of …

Daily News Egypt

Zawya screens Lebanese ‘104 Wrinkles’

In a special tribute to the documentary that won several international awards, Zawya will screen Hady Zaccak’s film “Ya Omri” (104 Wrinkles), in which he followed his grandmother’s life since she was young until she turned 104. The film won several awards, including the Jury Award at the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden. In …

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