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Biker Zone celebrates 5th anniversary this year

Following the smashing success of the previous four rounds of Biker Zone, the first and most renowned Egyptian event in the field of outdoor sports, adventure sports, extreme sports, motorsports, and bicycles, Phenomena—the organiser of Biker Zone—announced the date for holding the fifth round: 4-5 May 2018 at Cairo Festival City, in a big celebration …

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SOMA gallery to host Youssef Ragheb’s Full Fathom Five exhibition

The Cairo-based SOMA art gallery will host an exhibition by artist Youssef Ragheb, named Full Fathom Five, which opens on 17 April and will last until 7 May. The exhibition will include text and images, which will move in parallel narratives, but will also briefly cross paths. The concept behind the exhibition is to show …

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Upper Egyptian identity revived in spearing competition

  Far away from the city’s modernism that demolished the inherited Egyptian identity, citizens of Upper Egypt still hold on to their elders’ cultural rituals, which “El-Mermah” (Spearing) is one of. El-Mermah is the oldest fencing competition in the history of Egypt. On their horses, young men of Upper Egypt, especially in the region’s south, …

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Egypt marks beginning of spring with Sham Ennessim celebrations

Thousands of Egyptians took to public and private gardens, amusement parks, hotels, and boats to celebrate the ancient holiday of Sham Ennessim. Once a date to mark the start of spring for ancient Egyptians, beginning the harvest season, the holiday has taken a more secular turn to become celebrated by the majority of Egyptians, regardless …

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Tahya Misr Fund enhances living conditions of Upper Egypt’s citizens

Away from the beauty of Nubia, where tourists always go and become fascinated by the quietness and peace that surrounds the houses’ bright colours, and its kind people, lie thousands of unseen Nubians that suffer from severe poverty and inhumane living conditions, where they do not have access to drinkable water or functioning sewage systems. …

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 Dangerflow performs onstage concerts with Ahmed Sheba, other Egyptian artists 

Dangerflow, an American hip-hop group from Miami, Florida is bringing their exciting sound to Egypt for a series of concerts in Cairo and Alexandria, according to a Tuesday press statement from the US Embassy in Cairo. Dangerflow’s visit is a part of the US Department of State’s American Music Abroad (AMA) programme, which is the second in the embassy’s Al …

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