One-stop shop, extended visas: Egypt enhances yachting experience

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Egypt is aiming to become a leading destination for yacht enthusiasts with the launch of a comprehensive package of streamlined procedures and regulations designed to revitalise its yacht tourism sector.

The centrepiece of these initiatives is the establishment of a One-Stop Digital Window for Foreign Yachts. This online platform significantly reduces approval times for yacht visits, from a previous timeframe of 15-30 days to just 30 minutes, the Ministry of Transport revealed on Monday.

This commitment to efficiency extends beyond approvals. Foreign yachts can now depart from any Egyptian port or marina, offering greater flexibility for travellers to explore Egypt’s diverse coastline as they wish.

Recognizing that unforeseen circumstances can impact yachting plans, the Egyptian government has extended the validity of tourist visas for yacht passengers from 30 days to 3 months. This allows ample time for visitors to explore the wonders of Egypt without strict departure schedules.

To further enhance the yachting experience, standardised berthing fees have been implemented across all ports and marinas, eliminating inconsistencies and simplifying cost calculations for yacht owners.

Additionally, a comprehensive Marina Development Code has been established to guide the creation and operation of marinas in Egypt. This ensures adherence to international standards and facilitates efficient yacht handling.

The One-Stop Digital Window is integrated with relevant websites, allowing yacht owners to seamlessly access visa applications, Suez Canal transit procedures, and marina information. This integration streamlines the overall yachting experience, minimising administrative burdens and maximising time spent enjoying Egypt’s maritime treasures.

These transformative measures are anticipated to yield significant benefits for Egypt’s yacht tourism sector, including reduced bureaucracy and faster processing times, enhanced flexibility and convenience for yacht travellers, and increased attractiveness of Egypt as a yacht tourism destination.

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