We directly engage with Egyptian communities across globe, addressing inquiries, removing obstacles: Emigration Minister

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Minister of State for Emigration and Expatriates’ Affairs, Soha Gendi, recently convened a meeting with representatives from Egyptian communities in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. This gathering was part of her “An Hour with the Minister” initiative, conducted via video calls and attended by Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Emigration for Communities Affairs.

Gendi emphasized the ministry’s strategic commitment to maintaining an open line of communication with all segments of Egyptians living abroad. Their goal is to resolve challenges and eliminate obstacles faced by these communities. Additionally, the ministry actively engages with Egyptian investors abroad, addressing their concerns and proposals as a top priority.

During the meeting, the Minister of Immigration discussed several key initiatives implemented since assuming office in August 2022. These include establishing the Egyptians Abroad Investment Company, creating alternative channels to enhance remittances, launching the conscription settlement programme for Egyptians abroad, and introducing the automotive initiative tailored to their needs.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Communications, Gendi’s team developed the first electronic application for Egyptians abroad. They also streamlined the transfer of identification documents to Egyptian communities worldwide. Furthermore, in partnership with the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and national banks, they issued dollar certificates with interest rates of up to 7% and 9%, among the highest globally. An application offering various services, such as loan renewals, vacation requests, and work authorization for accompanying spouses, is currently in progress.

The ministry also explored alternative pathways in cooperation with other government entities. For instance, they provided special discounts on “EgyptAir” tickets for Egyptian families abroad and facilitated housing and land opportunities through collaboration with the Ministry of Housing. Insurance programmes, including the “Your Pension for Tomorrow in USD” certificate, were launched in partnership with the General Authority for Insurance and Pensions. Additionally, initiatives like the “Our Children Abroad” programme, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, aim to support Egyptian expatriates.

The upcoming fifth edition of the Egyptians Abroad Conference, scheduled for 4 and 5 August, will introduce the first application designed specifically for Egyptians living abroad. This platform will offer incentives and advantages to enhance their experience. Furthermore, the “Protection and Insurance of Egyptians Abroad” Fund will provide comprehensive social and insurance coverage.

During video calls, the Minister of Immigration listened to challenges faced by Egyptians residing abroad and considered their suggestions. Among their requests was the revival of the automotive initiative, which had previously provided significant benefits.

Participants also advocated for a direct flight route between Egypt and Malta, aiming to boost tourism by facilitating travel between the two countries.


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