Trevolution Group reports surge in demand for flights to Egypt

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Trevolution Group, a global leader in travel with brands like Asap Tickets, Skylux Travel, Dreamport, and Oojo, has reported a record-breaking year. In 2023, the group’s total gross bookings surpassed $1.174bn, marking Egypt as a burgeoning hub for international tourism and business travel, contributing to a 46% market growth.

For over twenty years, Trevolution Group has dominated the Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) segment. Recently, Egypt has become one of the fastest-growing destinations, signaling a robust post-pandemic recovery and economic upturn.

The Egypt Ministry of Tourism notes that the previous year was the busiest yet, with an unprecedented 14.9 million tourists—a 33% increase from 2019. This surge is attributed to collaborative efforts among the ministry, private sector, and strategic partners, setting a strong foundation for future growth in Egypt’s tourism sector.

In the last year, the majority of travelers to Egypt opted for Economy class, while Business class bookings saw a 130% increase, indicating a resurgence in business travel. Notably, 78% of tickets sold were for round-trip travel, emphasizing the VFR segment’s significance. However, one-way travel remained consistent with prior years. Preferred airlines included Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, and Emirates Airlines.

Approximately 29% of travelers booked their flights more than 90 days in advance, while 14% made last-minute bookings within 10 days of departure. The trend towards longer stays is evident, with the average visit lasting 23 days for arrivals and 56 days for departures, encompassing leisure, VFR, and business purposes.

Data shows that the majority of international visitors to Egypt in 2023 hailed from the United States and Canada, with Cairo being the primary entry point. Conversely, outbound travelers from Egypt primarily flew to the United States, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and domestic destinations.

Trevolution Group has solidified its position as a top-tier entity in the travel industry, particularly within the VFR sector. In 2023, the group sold over 840,000 airline tickets and vacation packages, ranking as the fourth-largest travel consolidator in the US.

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