Putin backs proposal for BRICS university ranking at upcoming summit

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President Vladimir Putin expressed support for a proposal to create a university ranking system encompassing BRICS member nations, during a recent videoconference meeting of the Russian Council on Science and Education.

The proposal, put forward by Moscow State University Rector Viktor Sadovnichy, aims to present its initial results at the upcoming BRICS summit in October 2024. Sadovnichy indicated that the methodology for the ranking is currently being developed and will be adopted at the next meeting of the Union of Rectors, according to TV BRICS.

President Putin lauded the initiative, emphasizing the need for further collaboration on this matter. “As for the rating for BRICS,” he stated, “this is a very good proposal. We are chairing this organisation this year, and we are discussing with our colleagues the issues of our cooperation.”

This proposal builds upon earlier discussions at the July 2023 meeting of education ministers from Russia and other BRICS member states in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Notably, Russia currently holds the BRICS chairmanship for 2024.

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