Iran unveils homegrown anti-ballistic missile, air defence systems

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The Iranian Defense Ministry on Saturday unveiled an anti-ballistic missile defence system and a low-altitude air defence system, the official news agency IRNA reported.

   The domestically-developed “Arman” anti-ballistic missile system and “Azarakhsh” air defence system were unveiled in a ceremony in the Iranian capital Tehran attended by Defense Minister Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani.

   Describing the two systems as great “defence industry achievements,” the Iranian defence minister said the medium-range, high-altitude tactical Arman system could detect targets at a distance of 180 km and destroy them within a range of 120 km. The Arman system can be ready for operation in less than three minutes, he added.

   The Azarakhsh system, as noted by Ashtiani, is capable of safeguarding the nation’s critical and vital facilities from drone and micro air vehicle threats.

   It uses an advanced three-dimensional radar system, an optical search system and very nimble cutting-edge seekers and is capable of destroying targets in the shortest time possible, he said, adding that the system can be deployed on various vehicles and utilised for operations day and night.

   According to IRNA, the Arman system is equipped with homegrown Sayyad-3 missiles and has been developed in two versions — one equipped with a passive radar system and the other with an active one.

   The Azarakhsh system, as reported, utilises a radar and an electro-optical system for target detection, with its missiles being equipped with heat-seeking capabilities.

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