UN Women and Egyptian Red Crescent deliver vital aid to women, children in war-torn Gaza

Shaimaa Raafat
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 In a coordinated effort to address the dire needs of women and children in war-torn Gaza, UN Women Egypt and the Egyptian Red Crescent delivered 7,000 essential aid kits to the territory.

“Under the UN Flash Appeal for the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), UN Women has partnered with the Egyptian Red Crescent to support women in Gaza,” said Christine Arab, Country Representative, Egypt, UN Women. “This assistance is crucial as women and girls face immense challenges due to the conflict, including displacement, lack of basic necessities, and threats to their safety and well-being.”

Devastating Impact on Women and Girls

The ongoing conflict has displaced over 1.9 million people in Gaza, with estimates suggesting nearly 1 million are women and girls. Tragically, 70% of reported fatalities are women and children, and two mothers lose their lives every hour. Access to food, water, sanitation, and hygiene remains severely limited, further jeopardizing their health and dignity.

Responding to the Crisis

This aid delivery is part of UN Women’s six-month multisectoral response plan, focusing on immediate humanitarian assistance and enhanced coordination on the ground. The organization is also partnering with local women-led groups to provide gender-responsive services and address specific challenges faced by women and girls, including protection and psychological support.

Urgent Call for Action

UN Women reiterates its call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and unimpeded access to deliver critical aid to women and girls. The organization urges the international community to prioritize their protection and ensure they receive the support they desperately need.

The Egyptian Red Crescent Society is at the forefront of the humanitarian response in Gaza, with support from over 35 countries and UN agencies.

So far, the Egypt Red Crescent Society has delivered 8,037 trucks to Gaza. These trucks have contained more than 75k tons of food and water, more than 25k tons of emergency material and more than 18k tons of medical supplies.

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