South Africa to Power Ahead with First Off-Grid EV Charging Station 

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Residents in South Africa’s northwest region will soon enjoy a revolutionary charging experience with the opening of the country’s first off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging station in June 2024.

This self-service station stands apart by generating its own power, eliminating reliance on the national grid. Solar photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s energy, storing it in lithium-iron-phosphate batteries for reliable use. Additionally, hydrotreated vegetable oil generators serve as a backup, ensuring consistent service.

Drivers can expect a speedy charge, thanks to the station’s fast-charging technology. The Pretoria News, a partner of TV BRICS, reports that the station will offer DC ultra-fast charging, capable of topping up an EV in just 20 minutes. This is significantly faster than standard on-grid chargers, which typically require several hours.

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