Plastic Surgery: A Celebrity Obsession or Necessity?

Kadry Al-Haggar
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Celebrities are constantly under pressure to maintain their appearance and popularity. They fear being eliminated from the competition by the artistic community, which imposes unfair standards on them. As a result, many of them resort to plastic surgery, hoping to extend their time as stars and gain more opportunities. Plastic surgery has become more than a luxury; it has become an obsession driven by the stars’ insecurities.

For a long time, female stars were the ones who sought plastic surgery to avoid the wrinkles that come with aging. They feared losing the attention of the audience, producers, and directors, so they rushed to plastic surgeons to restore the freshness of their faces, which were once among the most beautiful on the screen. Some of the recent examples are Nadia El Gendy, Nabila Obaid, Sawsan Badr, and many others. However, male stars have also joined the race for plastic surgery in recent times.

The past period has seen several male stars visiting plastic surgery clinics, whether in Egypt, Lebanon, or some European capitals. The main reason behind this trend is aging, which brings facial wrinkles and signs of aging that every star considers a hindrance to their stardom. But who are the stars who secretly underwent cosmetic procedures, trying to rejuvenate their faces and remove wrinkles, which were visible through injections or plastic surgery? The funny thing is that if you ask someone about their plastic surgery, they look at you with a vengeful glance, deny it, and claim that they keep their fitness by sleeping early, not overeating, and not exerting too much effort, just like fitness stars. This is the same scenario that is repeated, and the answer that everyone has learned by heart. Thus, the controversy over plastic surgery was reignited after TV presenter Reham Saeed suffered from a failed plastic surgery, which she had recently done by a Lebanese doctor, as she said.

Reham said: “I went to a plastic surgeon, who is from Lebanon, and he filled the area under the eye with filler injections, but it swelled and the effect is still there. If the filler was removed from this area, there would be a large hole in its place. The same thing exists on the other side of my eye, and I have been treating it for two months at a doctor from the AUB, especially since there was a large ‘tumor’ in it at the beginning, and she fixed my eyebrows after they grew in size and I looked like a devil, and she had to do a ‘tattoo’ and erase part of the eyebrow.”

She added: “I will travel again for treatment and have another surgery after I discovered that there was a burn in my eye during the operation, according to the testimony of all the doctors, and I have a video that confirms my words. And something pulls up like a Japanese person when I speak. Although the agreement before the operation was that we would not touch the eye area at all, the doctor said that you must lift the cheek so that he can hold the eyelid underneath.”

Secrets and Confessions

Plastic surgery is a common practice among celebrities who want to preserve their appearance and popularity. They fear losing their fans and opportunities to the artistic community, which imposes high expectations on them. Many of them visit cosmetic doctors regularly, hoping to enhance their features and hide the signs of aging. Plastic surgery has become a necessity for some and an addiction for others.

Female stars were the ones who started this trend, as they faced more pressure to look young and beautiful. They tried to avoid the wrinkles that come with aging, which could affect their chances of getting roles and attention. Some of the female stars who admitted to having plastic surgery are Fifi Abdo, who had a neck lift, and Nabila Obaid, who said she was “addicted to beauty clinics”. Some of the female stars who denied having plastic surgery, despite the obvious changes in their features, are Sarah Salama and Mai Selim.

However, male stars have also joined the race for plastic surgery in recent times. They learned from their female counterparts and started visiting cosmetic clinics, whether in Egypt, Lebanon, or some European capitals. The main reason behind this trend is aging, which brings facial wrinkles and signs of aging that every star considers a threat to their stardom. Some of the male stars who underwent plastic surgery are Tamer Hosni, who had several procedures to modify his features, and Ahmed Ezz, who had Botox injections to smooth his face. Some of the male stars who avoided plastic surgery are Rania Youssef, who said she had tragic experiences with this type of surgery, and that she only had a nose job to fix a breathing problem.

Amr Diab’s fitness

The superstar singer Amr Diab, who is over sixty years old, has amazed everyone with his youthful appearance and radiant skin. He has reportedly found a skilled doctor who helped him rejuvenate his looks. This might be one of the secrets behind his enduring success and his title of Al-Hadaba, which no one can match in terms of fame or earnings at concerts.

Ragheb Alama’s confession

Lebanese veteran singer Ragheb Alama was not ashamed to admit that he had plastic surgery with injections to combat the signs of aging. He revealed in a media interview that he used Botox to keep his face fresh and attractive. He is not the only star who has done this, as Assi El-Hellani and Kazem El-Saher have also followed the same path. Do you know how old they are?

Wael Kfoury’s beard

Wael Kfoury was not happy with his chin and mouth when he first started his singing career. He thought they were flaws that affected his charm as a star on the screen. That is why he decided to have Botox injections and plastic surgery to reshape his features. Now, he always keeps his beard, as he never shaves it completely. Maybe he does that to hide the scars of the surgery.

Hussein Al Jasmi’s stomach stapling

Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi was worried that his excess weight would affect his popularity, so he tried many diets, but none of them worked. He eventually opted for stomach stapling surgery, which made him lose weight and increase his demand at concerts, whether in Egypt, the Emirates, or the rest of the Arab world. Egyptian singer Mohamed Fouad also had the same procedure to improve his figure. However, some stars prefer to stay natural and do not mind aging gracefully – they are rare, though – and we will let you guess who they are.

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