Arming Israeli settlers is shameful, world must not remain silent: Aboul Gheit

Sami Hegazi
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The Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, warned that the situation in the West Bank could explode due to the Israeli occupation’s ongoing killing, repression, and siege of the Palestinian population. He also condemned the increasing arming of Israeli settlers, which could lead to more violence.

Aboul Gheit said, according to his spokesperson Jamal Rushdi, that Israel is waging a real war on the West Bank, where about 163 Palestinians have been martyred since 7 October. He added that the occupation has also arrested more than two thousand Palestinians and continues to target civilians in all parts of the occupied territory.

Aboul Gheit said that the violence of the settlers against the Palestinians in large areas of the West Bank has reached unprecedented levels and is unacceptable. He pointed out that the world is witnessing the shameful acts of the settlers, who attack the homes and crops of the Palestinians, kill them, terrorize them, destroy their property, and force them out of their homes. He said that these acts are motivated by racism and hatred for the Palestinians.

He stressed the need to expose and denounce these acts because they are an insult to every human being who believes in common values and equality. He warned that the Israeli right-wing government, which is led by the settlers and supports the settlement project, is pushing the situation to the edge by protecting these practices, arming the settlers, encouraging a culture of impunity, and killing Palestinians based on their identity.

He said that the real goal is to push the Palestinians to leave their lands and displace them gradually, which will never happen. He added that the annexation of large parts of the West Bank after emptying it of the Palestinians is still an Israeli goal and that the current government will not hesitate to apply the policy of transfer to expel the Palestinians.

The Secretary General of the Arab League expressed his full solidarity with the position of Jordan, which stands firmly against this policy, as well as the position of the Palestinian people, who are steadfast on their land in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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